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Where the Money Goes

The Michael Magro Foundation is so grateful for all the donations we received in 2021. You have helped to make a difference and ease many family’s financial burdens. Each contribution, fundraiser, and grant helps the foundation continue with its mission each and every year. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Medical Expenses
The Foundation provides assistance for medical expenses that are not covered through insurance, including copays and non-covered medical needs.

Mortgage/Rent Payments
2021 saw the biggest increase in requests for assistance with rent and mortgage payments. MMF paid these bills for families to ensure losing their home was not a worry while dealing with a child’s medical treatment.

Adopt a family at Holidays
The Foundation helped families experience joy and togetherness at holiday time with funds for a holiday meal and gifts for the children.

Gift Card Program
Working with Child Life Specialists, the Foundation provides gift cards for food, meals, transportation to/from treatment, and an array of other necessities to families to ease their financial burden.

Car Payments/Insurance
On-time car payments mean families have their own transportation to get to and from hospital treatments and medical appointments. Ensuring continuity of coverage for families in financial distress helped them safely maintain their car.

Utility Payments
The Foundation receives many requests for assistance with utility payments. Children need a warm home with running water and electricity to return to after treatment. MMF paid hundreds of utility bills for families struggling through this difficult time.

Project SOAR
The Foundation works with Child Life Professionals, school administrators, teachers, and peers to make sure each child’s post-treatment transition back to school is successful.

Pharmacy & Infusion Meds.
When medications are not covered by insurance, parents are forced to skip a medication when credit cards are ‘maxed’. The Foundation’s support means not letting a child go without a much-needed medication due to an inability to pay.

Hicksville High School Scholarship
Each year a graduating student involved with fine arts and lacrosse is presented with a scholarship in Michael’s name to offset the expenses of college.

Deli and Lunch Program
Parents often go without eating as they sit bedside with their child. Parents need to nourish their bodies so they can take good care of their children.

Parking Fees
Parking at medical facilities and doctor offices is an added expense that many families simply cannot afford. The Foundation steps in to pick up this expense so the families don’t have to.

Funeral Expenses
It is a sad truth that not every child wins their battle against cancer. Michael Magro Foundation has helped families with funeral and burial expenses when the cost of the service is more than they can afford.

Airline & Hotel Assistance
When treatment requires travel, the Foundation made it possible for families to get to the needed city with funds for airfare and hotel.

Storage Units
Unfortunately, some families made the decision to sell their homes due to an inability to maintain their lifestyle due to job loss and increased expenses. The Foundation helped some of these families with funds to safely store their possessions as they determined their next chapter.


The Michael Magro Foundation supports the vital work of Child Life Specialists in several hospitals and with nonprofit organizations serving siblings of pediatric cancer patients.

  • Golisano Children’s Hospital of SW Florida
  • Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  • NYU Langone Hospital Long Island
  • SIBS Place, Oceanside

NICU CPR Program at NYU Langone Hospital Long Island for CPR Kits 
CPR kits go home with every NICU parent to ensure they know to feel comfortable in recognizing the signs of distress in their baby and can give basic aid until help arrives. These kits have been true lifesavers for preemie babies.

Endoscopy Suite at NYU Langone Hospital Long Island 
Teddy bears make everyone smile. Children coming into the hospital for a procedure left with their very own Dr. Bear in full operating room attire.

J Zips “Design your own T-Shirt” 
200 kits distributed between Cohen Children’s Medical Center, NYU NYC, Golisano Children’s Hospital of SW Florida. The Foundation funded kits for children to design their own shirts with easy-access medi-port shirts.