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One-Time Donation

The mission of the Michael Magro Foundation is to better the lives of children with cancer, pediatric cancer survivors, and their families, as well as other chronic pediatric illnesses.

We work each day to help families meet the complex issues of care. By educating patients, families, teachers, physicians, and communities about pediatric cancer care and long-term treatment effects, we touch the lives of thousands each year. We enhance the health and well-being of our pediatric patients, provide support for children with cancer and other chronic illnesses, and help families navigate a stressful and turbulent time in their lives.

Imagine having a child with cancer. Complete shock and anguish. Then one parent has to stop working to care for the sick child. Medical bills go up, but so do bills for parking, transportation, supplements, and so much more. We know because we lived it… twice in 2004.

Since then we’ve raised and given away more than $3.5 million and serve more than 300 families a year.

90% of every dollar you donate to the Michael Magro Foundation (MMF) goes directly to families and children. The diagnoses for childhood cancer are rising dramatically and so is the need to serve affected families.

Here are 7 simple, yet important ways you can ease the burden of childhood cancer and bring a moment of dignity to a local family:

  • $33 purchases 2 distraction bags – filled with toys and games that “distract” kids while they wait for a procedure or treatment. These goodie bags create fun moments and bring smiles to kids’ faces all the time.
  • $50 purchases 2 bottles of special vitamins. Damage to the digestive system from chemotherapy alters the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients in the food your child does manage to eat. As a result, vitamin supplements are usually necessary.
  • $75 purchases comfortable underwear or a pair of pajamas for children and young adults going through cancer treatment. Oftentimes treatments can cause “accidents”. These items are forgotten or under-supplied items. Imagine you’re in the hospital all the time and all you have to wear is the hospital gown! PJs and underwear can make the treatments just a tad easier.
  • $100 provides a family with a DoorDash Gift Card. The last thing parents want to do after a long day at the hospital with their child is go food shopping or cook dinner. Being able to order their family food and not have to cook makes the night that much easier and allows them to spend more time together as a family. Sometimes parents don’t even get the chance to eat and that should never be the case.
  • $250 provides a family with an Uber Gift Card or Mobile Gas Card. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. Some people don’t have means of transportation and those that do can be financially strained with all the mounting costs and often loss of income. Getting to and from treatment shouldn’t cause more stress.
  • $500 covers sperm storage for an entire year. Cancer can be brutal on the entire body. Unfortunately, kids fighting cancer have to think about their future at such a young age. If they don’t do this or have the money to do this, there is a good chance they won’t be able to have children one day.
  • $1000 helps keep a family in their home or pay a past-due utility bill. The last thing a family needs is to face eviction or lose power because a parent had to give up his or her career to take care of their child while fighting cancer. Mortgage/Rental and Utility payments make up the biggest portion of assistance we give to families and your donation will make a huge huge difference in the area where it’s needed most.

Every gift to MMF is tax-deductible and very appreciated. Our donors are wonderful people, like you, whose support is the lifeblood of all we do!

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