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One-Time Donation

The mission of the Michael Magro Foundation is to better the lives of children with cancer, pediatric cancer survivors, and their families, as well as other chronic pediatric illnesses.

We work each day to help families meet the complex issues of care. By educating patients, families, teachers, physicians, and communities about pediatric cancer care and long-term treatment effects, we touch the lives of thousands each year. We enhance the health and well-being of our pediatric patients, provide support for children with cancer and other chronic illnesses, and help families navigate a stressful and turbulent time in their lives.

How Your Donation To MMF Can Help

  • $25 – will provide a small gift for the child going through treatment or for the sibling of the sick child
  • $50 – will provide a gift card for gas or groceries
  • $100 – will provide a gift card to stores such as Target, Walmart, and Stop & Shop to purchase holiday gifts, food, medication, clothing, etc.
  • $250 – will send a family a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or send a family of 4 to a safe family entertaining event
  • $500 – will pay the utility bills for a struggling family for one month

Every gift to MMF is tax-deductible and very appreciated. Our donors are wonderful people, like you, whose support is the lifeblood of all we do!

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