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What we do

The mission of the Michael Magro Foundation is to better the lives of children with cancer, pediatric cancer survivors, and their families, as well as other chronic pediatric illnesses. We do this in a great many ways.

For most families with a newly diagnosed child with cancer or other catastrophic illness, the first reaction is shock. Parents must navigate their child’s many new needs:

  • doctor appointments
  • diagnostic testing
  • hospitalizations
  • figuring our schooling for a child now home
  • dealing with the side effects of treatment, the list seems endless.

Many families realize one parent needs to leave their job to tend to the sick child. However, bills still need to be paid and there is now one less salary with which to pay them.

Through the Life Essentials program, Michael Magro Foundation steps in to pay household bills –

  • utilities
  • rent
  • home heating oil
  • and more

We cover the cost of non-medical expenses related to treatment such as co-pays and car rides to/from treatments. We provide

  • gift cards for groceries
  • birthday gifts for the families
  • a rare dinner out
  • even a small birthday party for a sibling who has been in the ‘back seat’ since their brother or sister got sick

The Foundation works with therapists to assist children transitioning back to school following treatment through Project SOAR. By working with teachers, classmates, and the child, the transition is proven to be successful time after time.

Bonding with Baby is the Foundation’s technology-based program that enables older brothers and sisters to connect with their new baby sibling in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The Foundation offers a scholarship in Michael’s name at Hicksville High School. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who is going on to college, played Lacrosse, and is involved in the Fine Arts Department. This student selected is one who has shown great improvement academically over the years, and possesses personal traits that show kindness and compassion for others.

For more on each of these programs, see our Programs tab.