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Amazon Partnership with Michael Magro Foundation

MMF school supply drive has been elevated to new heights! Thank you to all our generous donors throughout the past month, with your support we packed 100 Backpacks for NYU Winthrop Hospital Cancer Center for Kids and Hempstead Pediatrics. Two days before our girl scouts were due to arrive and assemble the packs, I received a call from Tommy Higgins, Area Manager at Amazon, and Chris Lupis, Operations Manager at Bethpage Amazon Distribution Center.

Tommy introduced the foundation and its mission to Amazon and requested some plastic water bottles to add to our backpack collection. When he presented his request to Chris, Chris asked for more information about the Michael Magro Foundation and did some of his own research. Tommy, Chris, and Terrie spoke on a Saturday morning and Chris committed to a box of masks, lanyards, pens and a water bottle to be added to each child’s backpack. Monday, they arranged for these supplies to be delivered in preparation for the first 100 backpacks. Each child received a box of 50 face masks in addition to the other supplies mentioned.

Our conversation developed into a wish list for this program and within 72 hours, Amazon stepped up and committed to filling 300 additional backpacks with school supplies, a box of masks, a water bottle, and clip-on hand sanitizer. Amazon we are so grateful to management and staff for all that you are doing to help children in the hospital and in some cases their siblings as they return to school or continue virtual learning.

Their generosity keeps on Giving!! Chris and Tommy offered to help the foundation get the backpacks delivered to the hospitals Terrie identified. Our first stop was Nu Health, an Amazon-branded van delivered 100 Backpacks on 8/27. Linda Walsh, Executive Director of Nu Health Foundation, and some pediatric staff members were there to greet the Amazon representatives and Terrie to accept the delivery. Jennifer Munoz, SW stated how much this donation would mean to their families. Jennifer went on to say, “We serve some lower socio-economic families and with Covid-19, parents losing jobs and struggling our reach to help provide much-needed supplies to families will be so appreciated”. Amazon staff, Chris Lupis, Charlie from Operations, Tommy Higgins, Area Manager, and Jayne Timo, Community Outreach Coordinator were so touched by the healthcare workers kind words.

Our next stop was on Friday, 8/28 and again an Amazon van and Tommy met Terrie at Stonybrook University Hospital, Cancer Center. We were welcomed by Lauren Sharably, Child Life Specialist, and some of her staff from the outpatient pediatric oncology clinic to accept 80 filled backpacks with crayons, markers, filler paper, binder, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, index cards, folders, water bottle, box masks, and clip-on sanitizer. Katarina Siliris, SW stated, “these backpacks will mean so much to our children and families and help bring some joy during an already difficult time”.

Our delivery journey continues as Tommy and some additional Amazon management will meet Terrie at Cohens Children’s Hospital to deliver yet another 100 backpacks to hematology/ oncology patients on Tuesday 9/1. Maggie Hall, SW, and staff will be available to welcome the Amazon team. Our last stop will be later in the week to help some families of pediatric patients at Mount Sinai Medical Center’s pediatric clinic servicing Oceanside, Freeport area.

On behalf of the MMF board, Terrie is honored to be working and partnering with such a professional, caring team from Amazon. Management at Amazon has expressed an interest in helping families in the future as needs arise and are identified by the foundation.

Thank you to all the Amazon workers who assembled the 300 backpacks and to the drivers who delivered to the various hospitals. We look forward to continuing our relationship and helping those in need.