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Keep Baby Boy Gabriel in your Prayers

Baby Gabriel was born prematurely at WUH in August 2016. He was admitted to NICU for management and treatment of prematurity respiratory distress. His complicated medical status necessitated a transfer to Boston Children’s Hospital.

MMF was called in to help this family with holiday gifts for Gabriel’s three siblings. When I contacted his mom, Mayra explained that she was on a leave of absence staying in Boston and her husband was working less hours. This all adds up to a lot of utility bills and insurance bills that need attention. We opted to pay some of their bills directly as a holiday family gift – paying $1,300 of their bills and catching them up to date.

When two hospital systems reach out to us for assistance, we are there to help in a way that makes the most sense to that particular family.

In addition, the Hicksville High School Kick Line hosted a toy drive and many of those toys will be donated to Gabriel’s older siblings.

Please keep Gabriel in your prayers. He is doing better each day!