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JZips – Making Treatment Easier for Children with Cancer

Terrie was introduced to Jordan Harouche’s mom, Jodi, last year by a parent who received a JZip t-shirt.

Jodi was looking online for a shirt that would be comfortable for Jordan to wear on the days he was receiving chemotherapy. She came across a site that had a creative design of a shirt with zippers. Immediately she ordered some and Jordon loved the idea.

Jordan was 16 years old in 2019 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

One of the ways of delivering chemotherapy is through a Mediport. The mediport placement is done surgically by a physician and the device is inserted under the skin in the upper chest to deliver medications, draw blood or start an infusion. This device allows access without needle sticks. To access the port a nurse must remove your shirt or take your arm out of the shirt. Jordan started to wear the shirts his Mom found online and everyone at the clinic loved the concept and wanted to know where they could purchase a few.

Jordan and his family wanted to make every child undergoing treatments experience a little easier and so JZips was founded. Jodi started reaching out to friends asking for character t-shirts to be donated. Donations came pouring in and the Harouche family began to sew zippers into each shirt and brought them to the clinic for distribution.

Each shirt donated had a character, superhero, or another fun design! The unique concept to have zippers inserted on each side for easy access to the Mediport made the process much more bearable.

JZips is a 501c3 and works totally on donations, shirts with zippers are donated to pediatric oncology clinics and hospitals that request them throughout the United States.

Find out more at https://jzips.org

Michael Magro Foundation is proud to work with this organization and introduce the concept to hospitals and pediatric clinics we are affiliated with.