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Magro Madness 3v3 Basketball Tournament Rules


All players are responsible for their conduct on the court. The organizers of the event reserve the right to disqualify and eject any individuals and/or teams that behave in an unsportsmanlike manner and all decisions made by the officials or staff will be considered final. We are here to have fun and support the Michael Magro Foundation and its mission.


1. Each team must have at least 3 and no more than 4 players on its roster.
2. All players must individually sign the Player Waiver.
3. All games are 15 min./running time in length. At the end, of 15 min./running time high score wins. There will be a 5 min./running time clock prior to the start of each game.
4. Each court will have a Court General. This volunteer is in charge of time and score keeping. Also, has final say in any dispute based on the rules in this manual.
5. Substitutions unlimited but only when the ball is not in play.
6. To begin a game, a coin toss determines possession. Winner of coin toss can take the ball or defer. If they defer, they will get the ball in the event of Sudden Death OT.
7. Possession changes after all made baskets; no “make it, take it.”
8. Ball is taken back on every change of possession.  Both feet must be beyond the designated “take back line”.
9. Ball must be checked by opposing player before put into play and must be passed to a teammate to begin play.
10. In the event of a tie at the end of 15 minutes, teams will play a Sudden Death OT. The first team to score wins.
11. There will be 1-point shots and 2-point shots. 2-point shots are rewarded for shooting with both feet beyond the designated “2 point line”.
12. No referees during pool play. Refer to “fouls section” for rules on fouls. Referees will only be used for championship games.
13. All bracket tie breakers:
a. Head to Head record
b. Total Point Differential


1. Please see above re: sportsmanship.
2. All fouls are called by the offended player ONLY. Any foul will result in possession to the offended team. Resume play beyond the designated “take back line”.
3. All jump or held balls go to the defense.
4. Flagrant and/or intentional fouls result in immediate dismissal of the offending player. The player fouled gets one foul shot and possession.