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Mastermind Unit and Michael Magro Foundation Soccer for a Cause Event

Weather reports were not promising on August 3rd; forecasters were calling for rain and storms for August 4th, the date of Mastermind Unit’s Soccer for a Cause Event, which was the fourth year that it benefited the Michael Magro Foundation.

Terrie Magro was undeterred. Ever cheerful, she was at the Corporal Kevin T. Kolm Memorial Park, bright and early on Saturday, August 4th, with a word of encouragement to everyone who showed up to help or practice before the event.

This year’s event, which raised $14,000 for the Michael Magro Foundation, was a banner year for the soccer tournament. According to Brian Horvath and Dave Musinski of Mastermind Unit, there were only slots for 20 teams. Two days before the event, there were 22 teams registered and committed to play. By the night of August 3rd, there were 24 teams registered and committed. All 24 teams showed up before 9 am, with some team members coming from New Paltz and further in order to take part in an event that would benefit children with cancer and their families.

The Mastermind Unit, a group of local Hicksville boys, is comprised of the following members: Michael Stamatinos, Brian Horvath (also a board member), Brian Alcantara, and Dave Musinski. Dave is a member of Bartland, the winning team.

This year, the event had donors from local businesses, who gave items to be raffled off during the event. Habby’s Transmission, Starbucks of Hicksville and Trader Joe’s of Plainview were just a few of the generous members of the community who offered donations, which Terrie transformed into beautiful gift baskets.

Of special note was the addition of DJ Andrew Schild of proaudiolientertainment.com, who volunteered his services for the entire day, spinning jams while the teams played in the hot sun. According to one of the patrons who attends the event yearly, “this year’s music was GREAT!”

Chef Paul Magro was Grill Master for the day, along with Brian Horvath’s father, Bob. Burgers, hot dogs and fixings were set up on a separate table, and Mario’s Pizza was on hand with several boxes of pizza pies. The snack booth was hopping all day. In food sales alone, the Foundation raised close to $900. Peak Performance Physical Therapy had an informational booth set up; the physical therapist’s group sponsored one of the soccer teams, and has four offices island wide. Extra tee shirts from the event were for sale for $5. Terrie graciously allowed a new local business to set up a table near the DJ; the business is called, “Bree’s Tees and More and is run by Hicksville High School senior Brianna Servidio. Displaying her wares on her table as well as on the DJ tent, Brianna made several sales for the day and did a bit of networking. Brianna is incredibly grateful to Terrie for giving her the opportunity to network and get her business off the ground.

After all of the baskets were raffled off, Terrie called out the winner of the 50/50, which was worth $120. Winner was Tanner Longo of Hicksville, who generously donated his 50% back to the Michael Magro Foundation. When I say that the generosity in the air was palpable that day, I am not kidding. To be a part of such an event is a feeling that goes beyond words.

The teams began to face off at around 9 am, and several team members were up at the tee shirt booth, purchasing more tees as the meets went on, due to all of the heat and humidity of the day. All of the water and Gatorade that had been donated was gone by 3 as well. Pepsi corporation donated for the third year in a row all of the soda, water and Gatorade! By 3:30 pm, the finals were underway, and what a fight to the finish it was! The winning team was Barland; second place went to the Mineola Portuguese team. Celebrating with a refreshing spray of champagne, the tournament ended on a high note; there were more people in attendance this year than in previous years, and a great time was had by all. By 3 pm, the clean up crew, volunteers from the Foundation, were ready to clean the park when the tournament drew to a close.

Battling the heat was worth it this year for all 24 teams. Nobody went home a loser, because when one gives of themselves, it is a win-win situation for everybody.

Hats off to Terrie and Paul Magro and Mastermind Unit, for their hard work and generous efforts. Funds raised will benefit so many pediatric patients with cancer. Many thanks to Ashley Stamatinos, for the beautiful photographs that were taken during the event; and to every person who was there, whether they were on the field or cheering on a team, thank you for being a part of this wonderful event!

Modern science continues to work for a cure for cancer. Humanity continues to dream and hope for a cure for this disease. But there is hope. As Elvis Presley sang it so soulfully,

“Deep in my heart, there’s a trembling question… Still I am sure that the answer’s gonna come somehow Out there in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle, And while I can think, while I can talk While I can stand, while I can walk While I can dream, please let my dream Come true, ohhhhh, right now Let it come true right now.” ~~~~~~~~

For further information about Mastermind Unit, please visit their website at ww.mastermindunit.com. And follow them on facebook. For more information about the Michael Magro Foundation and upcoming events, please visit their website at www.michaelmagrofoundation.comand visit their facebook page! For more information about DJ Andrew Schild, please visit his website atwww.proaudiolientertainment.com.