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Hicksville, New York

On Saturday, August 7th, Mastermind Unit (MMU) partnered with the Michael Magro Foundation, an organization dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families, to translate an 18-team soccer tournament into a mega-charity event that raised close to $10,000 to benefit the Foundation and its mission on behalf of children with cancer.

The sudden spike in soccer interest generated by the World Cup games made the Mastermind Unit’s Third Annual Soccer for A Cause Tournament an obvious crowd-pleaser. A non-profit group empowering individuals to take a leadership role in their community, MMU members are challenged to leverage their skills by creating new ideas, helping others, and serving as catalysts for change.

MMU provided the framework and funding for the tournament while Hicksville Soccer Club members not only played like pros, but also coordinated event details like signage, refreshments, and tent-raising. Kudos went to the winning team, Schaefer Allemania; Nassau County Legislator Rose Walker and Chief Deputy County Executive Robert Walker for their enthusiastic support; and the Town of Oyster Bay for contributing the use of Triangle park, tables, parking and other amenities.

“What made this day special,” said Terrie Magro, President of the Michael Magro Foundation, was that each team played from the heart. And I can’t say enough about Brian Horvath, Michael Stamatinos, and MMU. Truly an association that is paying it forward.”

If you would like more information about the Michael Magro Foundation, you can access its website at michaelmagrofoundation.com; the MMU is online at mastermindunit.com.