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Michael Magro Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Campaign

Having a child battling cancer is difficult under the best of circumstances. When a child is diagnosed, one parent predictably has to resign from work to be the primary caregiver. Losing that income is frightening those who were just getting by on two salaries. Deciding which bills to pay each month is all-too-common.

For the 100+ Long Island families with a child undergoing cancer treatment in our local hospitals, the extreme stress they are under on a typical day has reached crisis levels amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A new set of uncertainties have emerged with the spread of the virus and the stay-at-home orders. Many hard-working families have seen their one remaining income disappear as companies lay-off or furlough employees. Money to feed their family or get to and from the hospital has disappeared. Cancer-fighting medications have resulted in parents worrying about their immune-suppressed child in new ways.

Michael Magro Foundation is here to help. In addition to assistance with paying bills and underwriting transportation to/from treatment, we have partnered with restaurants near each of the three major children’s hospitals to provide meals to our MMF families.

After long days in the hospital and worrying about making ends meet, pre-prepared meals from local restaurants eases their burden as parents and children come together to enjoy a good meal. Staff tirelessly working on the floors, are also being provided with meals to help keep them healthy and well-fed. It’s MMF’s way of thanking them for their efforts during this remarkable time.

Local restaurant owners, so badly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, are deeply concerned about their futures and that of their employees. Partnering with local restaurants to purchase ‘to-go’ meals is one way MMF helps support the owners and employees fighting for their survival.

Donate today to Michael Magro Foundation’s special COVID-19 Response Campaign to make a difference NOW for Long Island families in crisis. Your gift will help MMF support these families through this extraordinary time.

· $50 will feed a family of four dinner for one evening following treatment.

· $100 will provide transportation to/from treatment with dinner that evening.

· $250 will provide one prepared meal for a family plus provide a gift card to underwrite a delivery of groceries to feed their family for the next week.

· $500 will pay the utility bills for a struggling family for one month.

The outside world is in great flux, but these children are still gravely ill and their families need our help now, more than ever. We have assured them that they are not alone. Please click here to make your tax-deductible donation to Michael Magro Foundation today.

Thank you for your generosity.