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Seen from left: Terrie Magro, Roy DiMarco, honoree Marisa Kinsey Weigand, and Tony Lubrano.

For the second year in a row, Michael Magro Foundation partnered with Warriors for a Cause, to produce “A Night on the Town” a tasting event featuring delightful offerings from more than 35 prominent restaurants, vineyards, breweries, and bakeries. More than 350 attendees participated in the October 17th event, which honored Marisa Kinsey Weigand, and benefitted both the Michael Magro Foundation and James D. Kinsey Jr. Memorial Foundation.

Held at Mineola’s Jericho Terrace, ‘A Night on the Town’ featured music, raffles, auction items, and an abundance of fabulous fare which was generously donated. Each room of the venue was filled with music, laughter, and wonderful conversation as attendees came together to celebrate the two benefitting organizations and have a wonderful time. The event raised more than $81,000, reflective of the event’s continued success.

The Michael Magro Foundation, which held its own remarkably successful tasting event, an Evening of Tasting & Giving, until the start of the pandemic, is grateful to partner with Warriors for a Cause, a 501c3 volunteer-run organization that raises money for several local non-for-profits, charities, and foundations. Founded in 2013, this charitable group of like-minded men and women came together to form an ever-broadening social circle that helps support causes close to their hearts. 

Co-founder and Vice President of the Michael Magro Foundation, Terrie Magro, expressed her appreciation to all those who supported the evening. “This is such a joyous event. Everyone in attendance [and all the participating restaurants and beverage companies all] wore wearing smiles from the moment they walked in until they headed home for the night. Paul, Marc, and I are filled with gratitude for this incredible show of support. From our friends at Warriors for a Cause to our many supporters in the community, the event was filled with friendship and a willingness to make a difference. We are so grateful.”

Michael Magro Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded by Paul and Terrie Magro to honor the life of their son Michael, who passed away from leukemia at age 13. The Foundation works with the Cancer Center for Kids at NYU Langone Long Island Hospital, Stony Brook Children’s Cancer Division, Cohen’s Children’s Hospital, and Stony Brook Children’s pediatric specialties where treatment of chronic diseases is ongoing. The Foundation has expanded to partner with children’s hospitals in nine states. Hospitals in states throughout the nation are partnering with the Foundation to provide services to their youngest patients. Core programs offered are Life Essentials [helping families struggling financially during their child’s treatment with non-medical expenses]; Project SOAR [providing support for childhood cancer patients, families, students, and teachers when the child returns to school following a long illness]; and Bonding With Baby [helping siblings of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) communicate and bond].

For more information on the Michael Magro Foundation, or to support the Foundation with a tax-deductible contribution, visit www.michaelmagrofoundation.com or email info@magrofoundation.com.