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Our 16th Annual Soccer Tournament Raised $19,546


All of our players who played on August 5th, 2023

It was a beautiful day to play soccer on Saturday, August 5th! This was our 16th year for our annual tournament and we’re still going strong. This year we introduced women’s teams into our mix. Tricia Devine and Julia Bentrewicz championed this initiative and were able to bring in a few teams to join the men’s teams. We had 14 teams competing in the tournament, some new and a lot of our dedicated teams returning for another year.

The energy at this event is amazing, with a reunion for some and the introduction of new players into the mix. A lot of networking between players and the organizers of the event this year. George Stamatinos led our sponsor campaign this year with his network of companies and the results were amazing!

Tricia Devine, Artie P., Julia Bentrewicz, Terrie Magro, Nicole Almeida, and Melanie Bucholtz – our amazing volunteers. Julia and Tricia brought us 4 women’s teams this year. A new dimension for our tournament

We are so fortunate to have these energetic players, dedicated volunteers, spectators, sponsors, and the soccer committee from MMU to thank for this event raising $19,546 to help families of children diagnosed with cancer pay medical bills, rent/mortgage, utility bills, car payments, parking expenses at the hospital or clinic and much more.

Congratulations to Big Kicks and their coed team led by Julia for winning first place in their division.

Congratulations to AV Eagles this year’s winning team in the men’s division led by Matt.

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