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The Hicksville High School Memorial Scholarship


Michael Magro
Memorial Scholarship
& Culinary Scholarship

Scholarships for Graduating Seniors
from Hicksville High School


Criteria: This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior from Hicksville High School who is going on to college, played Lacrosse and is involved in the Fine Arts Department. Additionally, this student will have shown great improvement academically over the years, posses’ personal traits that show kindness and compassion for others.



1. Students must be enrolled in a culinary arts program on the secondary or post-secondary level.

2. Student must attend a college, post-secondary and/or a certificate program in Culinary, Baking or Pastry Arts.

3. Student must compile one letter of recommendation from his/her current teacher or food service professional describing why this individual would benefit from a scholarship award.

4. Student must complete a one page essay explaining why he/she believes he/she should receive a scholarship award and what he/she hopes to achieve in the field of culinary arts in the future.

5. Student grades, attendance, and behavior will be considered, but may not be the ultimate determining factor(s) for receipt of a scholarship.

6. Scholarships may be granted in the form of tools, equipment, uniforms, and/or monetary awards at the discretion of the board/membership.

7. Scholarship awards are based on donations and contributions and may vary from year to year.

8. Any student who is chosen as a scholarship finalist may give a presentation to the board/membership at a members meetings in the form of an oral presentation, food demonstration, or other media to be submitted one month prior to the date of the actual event. Students will be responsible for their own mis en place unless other arrangements are made in advance.

9. If a student also plays lacrosse or is in the band/orchestra an additional consideration may be factored in, but may not be the ultimate determining factor(s) for receipt of a scholarship.

10. The foundation will make the check payable to the educational institution in the recipients’ name.