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Thriving PR firm, owner give back and pay it forward

It was October 2010, and Lori Ames was leaving on a well-deserved vacation when life came to a screeching halt. Her son, then 22, was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor. She left her job of twenty years at a boutique book publicity agency in New York City and focused on the long unknown road ahead.

Needing to create some semblance of normalcy, Ames turned to her iPad and LinkedIn to reach out to her contacts, letting them know what was happening and informing friends, clients, and peers that she might be out of pocket for awhile, and odds were she wouldn’t be returning to her position in Manhattan. The responses were supportive and encouraging, and then her son, between brain surgeries, said, “Well mom, you need to work. Why don’t you start your own business?” And thus ThePRFreelancer was born, right in the NeuroICU.

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