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Why We Chose Golisano Children’s Hospital

When considering expanding our program efforts to a second locale, the Board of Michael Magro Foundation looked for many things. Of course, we wanted a hospital that is offering great care and medical services to the pediatric patients battling cancer and other significant illnesses. But we searched for a hospital that offered more than just great medical care. We wanted a hospital that was truly a part of the community; one that aligned itself with the people of the area, the businesses surrounding its buildings and the community groups around its neighborhood. Paul and I made our first visit to Golisano Children’s Hospital having been given the name by a board member who is involved with our work in New York as well as Naples, Florida. As soon as we walked in to the hospital, we had a familiar sense that this was the right place. Every corridor of the building took us to another department where we had a true sense of community engagement, involvement and caring. As we expected, the hospital has wonderful pediatric oncologists and nurses who go above and beyond. The Child Life Team pours their hearts and souls into every patient, ensuring the best possible outcomes for families. Families we spoke with are going through indescribable challenges, but they all had one thing in common – a sense of gratitude for the people working with them and their children from Golisano Children’s Hospital. These families expressed their firm belief that together with their hospital team they would get through to better days. It was this true sense of togetherness that proved to Paul and me that our initial ‘gut feelings’ were correct: Golisano Children’s Hospital was the perfect place to expand the services of Michael Magro Foundation. Together with the team at GCH, Michael Magro Foundation will impact the lives of the children at the hospital and their families as they battle cancer and other major illnesses.

Terrie Magro, Co-Founder

Michael Magro Foundation